In a new office, in a new chair.

Well…almost two weeks ago I was ordained into the Office of the Holy Ministry.  By the Rite of Ordination and the laying on of hands, I was set aside by the Christian Church for the service of Word and Sacrament.  It was a truly humbling event, and I will not soon forget the significance of that day for my life and ministry.  But now the rubber is hitting the road.  As I type, I’m sitting in my new office at Trinity Lutheran Church in Corpus Christi.  I spent most of the day today at the church, looking through histories of the congregation, old bulletins, the church library, the youth room, and the large, heavy Church Records Book in the office.  If you know me, you know that I’m rarely at a loss of words–but flipping through the sixty-plus years of ministry that Trinity has carried out in Corpus was truly awe-inspiring.  The numbers alone are incredible…a small X marks each Sunday that each individual member communed at Trinity’s altar…as I flipped through the book, I went past 1956, 1963, 1974…you get the idea…I feel so small in the midst of a place where Christ has been serving so many people for such a long time with His Words of forgiveness, life, and blessing. Trinity has been blessed by Christ to share the Gospel with the community for sixty-five years, almost three times longer than I’ve been alive, and even as they existed before I came to town, they’ll exist long after I leave.  My prayer is that I would decrease that Christ might increase.  Members at Trinity, I pray for you constantly. I pray that I might be faithful and that God’s Word might be powerful among you.  Stop by the office anytime.


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