Oh Yeah…Parenting…

Just under a week until baby Dylan is “full-term,” but apparently still three weeks after that until the due-date, and things are starting to seem eerily–real. What will he look like? Will he be some sort of soccer player or martial arts expert (as demonstrated by how hard he’s kicking Chels!?) Will he be a “good kid?” Will he be a life-long Lutheran? I’ve been thinking of all of the parents that I’ve known in my adult life, and trying to glean little insight here and there from the good ones, trying to hide that “cringe” face when I see the…well, you get the idea.  I’ve recently come across http://parentaloffice.com/, which is a blogsite devoted to discussing what it means to be a parent, what it looks like to properly raise a child, and is a useful forum for conversation and the sharing of ideas.  Where I’m at so far…At the beginning and end of the day, I’m a sinner. I’m going to make mistakes, but I’m going to try to put God’s word in the ears and heart of Dylan, to love him as Christ has loved him, to set boundaries and actively guide him along the way, and of course, do whatever Chelsea tells me to.  I would love any resources that are out there, links to them, just advice, whatever works for whomever reads this.  Also, a short prayer for Dylan, Chelsea, and me would be appreciated. That’s all for now.


3 comments on “Oh Yeah…Parenting…

  1. Parenting is all about passionately imitating our Heavenly Daddy with human frailty. Looking forward to following your journey as I chronicle mine http://whyfatherhoodrocks.wordpress.com/

    Fatherhood rocks, believe me it truly does!

  2. Hello Rev. Beck,

    Thanks for noting http://parentaloffice.com on your blog. It sounds like you are about to have your life changed with the blessing of a little one in the near future. I know the feeling of not knowing what is next in those days around the birth. Part of the reason Brian & I started The Parental Office was to help ourselves & others consider how to serve in our vocation as parents through the experience of others… while also staying firmly focused on Christ (which so many parenting how-tos do not).

    Please stay in touch, contact us anytime, and comment with us as you see fit, from a practical parent & theological Pastor prospective.

    In Christ,

  3. Audrey says:

    Parenting with Love and Logic….great series! I went through a class while at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Cedar Park, TX. Helped me through that age 3-5 time period! And I still pull from it today. Was grateful my church offered that class – of course, seemed to be “just when I needed it most!” – imagine that!

    Enjoy being a Daddy!

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