These Advent Wednesdays…


This Advent season, my congregation is learning the setting of Evening Prayer, found in the Lutheran Service Book. It’s a service that I have been familiar with for the past eight years or so, and have really come to love the music, the flow of service, and of course, the words. As part of teaching this service, I have decided that the sermons for each of our four Advent midweek services will be guided by the service itself. What does this mean? Well, Evening Prayer is divided into (that’s right, you guessed it!) four parts. The Service of Light, the Psalmody, the Canticle, and Prayers.

This first week of Advent our text was John 8:12-20, “Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.” The sermon afforded the opportunity to teach the history of the Phos Hilaron, and to remind parishioners of the importance of this Adventide, this time of growing darkness that leads to the Light of the World appearing.

Without spoiling the upcoming sermons for any parishioners who may happen upon this post, I’ll just say that the next sermons will be focusing on: Psalm 141, the Magnificat, and the prayer, “Lord, have mercy.”

I know, it’s a bit atypical for an Advent sermon “series,” but I hope that it helps to teach and convey the good stuff that’s found in our rich heritage of Lutheran worship. That good stuff, of course, being Christ–His words and His works.

A blessed, penitential, expectant Adventide to you all.

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One comment on “These Advent Wednesdays…

  1. Sharon says:

    Love this Dustin! The Spirit gives you great ideas for your congregation! Wish I could be there to attend – are you posting your sermons? I would love to read them.
    PS – I am so excited that you guys are coming up the week after Christmas!!! Can’t wait to see you again!

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